Which Is Better Linux hosting Or Windows Hosting

There are two types of services that are offered to the users, Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Window hosting depends on the usage of Windows operating system and it also offers technologies that are compatible with windows operating system.  These are ASP, NET, Microsoft Access and MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server). However, Linux hosting services also mean shared hosting services. Shared hosting services are generally cheaper; therefore, they are preferred by majority of users. Scripts like WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB are compatible with Linux hosting.

If my PC runs Windows operating system, do I have to use Windows Hosting?

It is not necessary to use Windows hosting if your personal computer has a Windows operating system, you can choose Linux hosting services if you want.

Why Linux hosting is cheaper?

Generally shared hosting services are cheaper because they do not have to pay any fees to obtain a license, it is an open system that can be used free of charge. This makes it possible for the shared hosting services offer very low prices to their users. One can also try out $1 Hostingand improve online visibility…

Your choice depends on the type of technologies you use

Both systems are equally efficient; however, your choice depends on your needs, whether you generally want to write blogs or use your website for something else.  If you  have you started your website to start writing blogs than it would be better for you to use phpBB because you are going to work mostly with WordPress. On the other hand, if your website is going to use Microsoft SQL Server and related technologies, then you need to use Windows hosting system. Assess your needs first before you select either Linux hosting system or Windows Hosting systems. However, both systems are pretty proficient and can deliver equally good services to the users. For more details just take initiative to hit- http://www.mytruehost.com/

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