Linux Launches: The New PC Revolution With Cotton Candy

download (4)Linux is one of the best dominating servers with the affordable hosting platforms, now it is eyeing to start the business in the small scale market of computer means in the PC market, where as one of the most anticipated models of PC revolution is cotton candy who recently started a shipping. Cotton candy is nothing but he USB device which is a single single board computer on a stick (putting all the function of the personal computer on the stick) that allows the secure and single point of access, to all the main function it will deliver a consistent experience on the screen. The device is highly powerful and a central processing unit, Bluetooth and HDMI. It is generally developed and in use for operating systems, and also deals with Android, the Linux and various others.

Cotton candy is used in each and every device like tablet PCs, smart phones, Mac Notebook and many more; also it will provide the smart capabilities. The complete platform is set to be able to stream and decode the content and would able to use the desktop class interface.

Today a PC on a stick that is oriented to developers is easily available.  There are some limitations with Cotton Candy in the software field, but they had addressed them in software release coming soon so that the device we can easily handle. The Operating System is still in the early phase, but the peoples who like to grab this promising device and would like to go for the testing. The cotton candy can run both Android and on the latest Linux operating system as Linux kernel optimization is already built.


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