Keep Regular Backups And Follow Few Steps To Secure Website


Many website owners are happy with the word press hosting service because of many advantages at the cheapest rate and also having the feature of self host through which you can access your blog or website. The feature of self host is the main reason for security issue. Hacking blogs are very common thing you can hear in the news losing all your blogs will leave you shocked for many days as you know getting it repaired in the same manner is impossible and losing your customers will turn into a great damage.

Few measures that need to be followed

If you have taken the service of word press then you need to follow some steps in order to secure your blog or website. The first thing you should do is to create a strong password, using the symbols and the numbers can create a strong password. Avoid the birth date name to keep your password as it is the easiest way to crack the password. Updating the plug-ins periodically will help your word press to identify the bugs and fixing it, word press will keep on alerting you for the new updates. Keeping the regular backups is the best way to get you secured because trusting totally on these things is not done as the hackers are always one step ahead.

Never have a full trust on the services and their security measures because at the end only you will be the one who will face the loss. So always keep backups in order to secure yourself.

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