iCloud Is Useful And Most Innovative

download (3)Apple is known for adding new innovations to its repertoire of products to make life easy for its users.  The new service provided by Apple is iCloud and it has already attracted millions of users all over the world, many of them have opted to use it because it is technically beneficial and easy to use.  It has features like creating backups from several media sources, has many photo streams, has a mode that locks up the device if it is lost, and an’ iTunes Match’ that helps in transferring music from other music files.

Good Backup facility:  iCloud has facility that automatically creates backups  of all types of media that is bought online.  It makes an immediate backup of music, video, books, and television shows etc. It also allows users to store other items like settings, apps, ringtones and in some cases even messages. An added advantage means that there is no need to update devices that are supported by iCloud, they are automatically updated.

Creates one or more photo streams: Sharing photographs among friends and family has become a norm. iCloud helps its users to create a photo stream of photographs taken with devices that are compatible.  Many users have created a number of photo streams to share instantly with their friends and family members their photographs.

‘Lost mode’:  ‘Lost mode’ is a very powerful security device that helps in locking all devices that are lost. ‘Lost mode’ works on a pass code that immediately display a lost banner on the screen and helps in tracking down the device through GPS tracker.

‘Transfer of Music by using iTunes Match’: iCloud users can add music purchased from other sources to iCloud files, by using iTune Match and paying a nominal amount. They are then stored in your account under iCloud.

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