DIY: Precautions While Shifting New Hosts Without Making It Down

Working with a single host for a long time may barricade us to know significant things about other hosts and their services. With time, if we are thinking that our hosting services are not satisfactory or working as expected earlier we need to reallocate to other hosts. But this reallocation needs some precautions so that it can become an unproblematic and soft move.

There are a few steps one should follow before shifting to new hosting service.

  • The first and foremost important task is evaluation of various factors of other hosting service provides such as price, server configuration, required space etc. to avoid any complications one needs to research properly about the market status of various hosting services.
  • After selecting an appropriate hosting service does not reveal the strategy of changing hosting services to the old host immediately rather keep it a secret. As old host can easily affect your site and cause a downtime. First start working with new host and try to trace the compatibility level between host and yourself.
  • After being firm about switching new hosting services one needs to make back up of all static files and give it to the new host. It can be done via FTP. One ought to then restore their databases from previous backup files; it can be done by the use of SSH or cPanel’s phpMyAdmin. Emails do not normally transfer, but one can analyze one’s emails from the old host. This can be get done by making a POP3 connection to every email address and by this way all the old emails are downloaded to the local computer. Next, kindly note down that the new host will not have those old emails as you are now new server, but your new host will be able to cater new emails without any issues.
  • In order to choose to make MYTRUEHOST as your new host, one can easily transfer the entire site (files and databases) over free of charge! If the old host used cPanel, emails can be transferred easily as well.
  • Now it’s safe to switch to a new host, as all files are now with one and there is no possibility of any loss related to important details and database. Now it’s time to change domain name’s DNS. The DNS is more or less a list of commands which guides where to send the users; it will make the new server easily accessible to the guests rather than showing any error. This process may take few hours or the full day.

Whenever there is a change in hosts one needs to be extra aware and alarming in the begging as switching to a new host is a risky decision. It can work both ways positive or negative. To avoid this negative aspect we need to follow a proper procedure to make our decision a healthier one.  A well research about other hosts is the most significant step. Getting a good host reduces half of the problem. Switching hosts are needed as many times our old is not that efficient.

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