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What Is Domain And How Important It is?

A group of networked and related computers that can be accessed via a specific Internet address is called domain. The address of this group reflects the to be a tree-structured name hierarchy on the internet, a domain is a contiguous part of the Domain Name system. The Domain Name System (DNS) DNS is a system […]

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: The Two Hosting Models Comparison

Launching a web application involves numerous challenges. It is away from the substantive and technical planning and design of the project, the selection of a suitable Hosting environment plays a crucial role, because without the right Hardware, you can limit the chances of success and opportunities for growth of your web project unnecessarily. From the […]

Technical Details Of Webhosting Threat- You Better Know

For many companies, organizations, and individual entrepreneurs, the personal internet presence through their own website has become indispensable nowadays to make certain information. However, more and more private individuals use the internet to present individually selected content to a wider audience through their own website. However, in addition to the technical know-how and the self-created […]

MyTrueHosts Web Hosting Affiliate program – Earn 25% commission with each sale!

Hello All, offers web hosting affiliate program and it is very easy to join. The affiliate program is totally free to join and we reward you for referring your friends, colleagues, clients, family, in fact absolutely anyone to our web hosting service. When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a […]

MyTrueHost’s $1 Hosting or 1 dollar hosting

Gone are the days when only conventional methods were used to market our brand,but today, with the rise of technology, marketing strategies, people’s approaches and everything else has been changed/ updated/ improved. Website hosting plays an important role in order to market our brand, better online visibility, growth as well as it helps in numerous other purposes, thus, […]

What Is An IP Address? And Its Role

Another Web Server Option Is VPS Hosting

VPS is known as the Virtual Private Servers, and VPS hosting is one of a type of web hosting that use the virtual private server. That means the websites will be hosted on the same virtual machine. In addition, VPS allows every website or web pages to be fully independent as if it were on […]

Which Is Better Linux hosting Or Windows Hosting

There are two types of services that are offered to the users, Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Window hosting depends on the usage of Windows operating system and it also offers technologies that are compatible with windows operating system.  These are ASP, NET, Microsoft Access and MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server). However, Linux hosting services also […]

Free Website Or Facebook: What Will Be Your Choice?

  Free Website Or Facebook: What Will Be Your Choice? If you are thinking to start the online business, then what will you do for making your business presence on the internet. As your friend suggests that get your own website while some others suggest you that the Facebook page is completely free to publish […]

Reseller Hosting Will Be One Of The Best Choice For Entrepreneurs

Reseller hosting is one of an important part of the hosting service. Most of the web hosting service providers offer the reseller hosting service. In reseller hosting, the account owner of the hosting service gives some portion of bandwidth and disk space on the rent to the other users. So, the account owner will act […]